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I love girl simulation games!  "i love supple its ssssssoooooo fun nothing like sims   way  better well ovcourse!" Adreana - Cortland, NY

I love this video game!  "i really like to play this game SUPPLE IS THE COOLIST   GAME EVER - fantastik...."
Donna - Minneapolis, MN

I love this video game!  "i love supple this game is the best i cant stop playing it  I   love your game!!!!!”
Yolonda - Mobile– Al-

I love this video game! "Fantastic video game…; better that the Sims. Kick ass!
 Best game ever!"
Dwain - Las Vagas, NV

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arin trevor margot
Ruby Supple Characters

Hear what Arin, Trevor, Margot, Ruby and Hugh have to say about themselves. Then click DOWNLOAD and start playing the Supple life free trial.  

 A simulation game or a reality show?

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Supple - Episode 1 has been one of the highest rated downloadable games on the web. We know a lot of you have been eagerly awaiting Episode 2 and now here it is! Just click on the DOWNLOAD button and start playing the hot new episode in this interactive sit-com.

You’ll once again be controlling Arin, the star of the show, but you’ll also meet two new characters: Trevor Simons and Ruby Patel. There are new things to do and new places to go. Arin’s now Style Editor at Supple Magazine and has her own office. Don’t wait – click DOWNLOAD and start playing the free trial now!

You're the star of the show in Supple. You play Arin Costello, who works at Supple - the magazine for Single Urban Professional women. You can help her to get ahead at work, have a fling, shop for the latest fashions, it's all up to you. In the first episode, it's up to you to help Arin get the coveted Style Editor position. Can you beat out her co-worker, Hugh, and still have him 'like' you?

In the second episode, Arin is the Style Editor and it’s up to you to help her to get her boss’ awesome Manhattan apartment. It’s a long story, but click DOWNLOAD now and start experiencing for free one of the most highly rated downloadable games of all time!

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